About Us

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to write. I used to spend hours writing stories when I was younger, then I wrote poetry and short stories when I was a teenager. In my 20′s I started many books, never finishing any of them, and now in my 30′s, I have one that I’ve been working on for almost a year.

I have worked full time ever since graduating college. I’ve held high-stress jobs, but I was never truly happy at any of them… until I became a mom. At that moment I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and that was to be a good mother. I knew I couldn’t be the best mom I could with so much stress and unhappiness in my life, so I went on a quest to find a way to work from home.

I studied for two years and became a medical transcriptionist. I found a great company and was able to work from home, finally! It was a dream come true… until things changed in our lives.

The Older is 8 years old. He’s an amazing child, and he’s always been my beacon in the sometimes stormy sea of life. He’s been a challenge since the day he was born, and he’s been the one who has shown me what a fierce thing a mother’s love really is! And The Younger, well, she is my shining star. There was a lot of heartache between having The Older and her, and I’m thankful every day that she is in our lives. I am constantly tickled by her sense of humor, and unconditional love just shines from her very core. She is amazing in every sense of the word.

In September of 2011, The Older was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss. It was so severe that it necessitated bilateral hearing aids, and now speech therapy. The experts are not sure if the loss is going to continue or if this is “the worst” it’s going to get, so every 3 months he goes for a full 3-hour audiology workup and a 2-hour hearing aid change/adjustment. Following this diagnosis, he was diagnosed with ADHD and PDD (pervasive developmental disorder), which places him on the autism spectrum and means medications and behavior therapy.  At the same time, he was diagnosed with a C4 deficiency which makes him unable to fight off respiratory infections like ‘normal’ children, and he’s on a host of medications to keep him healthy.

I had to make a decision, and as a family we chose to have me leave my job so I could focus on health issues for The Older, be available to take him to appointments, and do research. As time went on, we discovered this was the best move we could have made, because we’re at some appointment at least once a week, and I’ve been in meetings with the school, family support coordinators, etc., much more than we thought!

Thus, this blog. Since I love to write and I’ve been spending so much time doing things with both kids (specifically The Younger because she isn’t in school yet), I decided to combine the two. Mostly you’ll find crafts and learning activities for kids aged 2-10, but there will examples of places to go in the Florida area, some pictures, and some information about PDD/ADHD/autism that I may want to share as well.

I hope you spend time time clicking around, and I’d love to hear from you!