I’m always looking for ways to increase veggies into The Olders diet. Because of his sensory issues it’s hard, and before tonight the only vegetable he’d eat were canned peas. Nothing else. Ever. I knew he would, however, eat the heck out of pizza, so I figured rather than fight it, I’d just add to it.

The first night I tried it was a total fail. I pureed some zucchini and added it to the sauce. That’s it. Nothing fancy at all, and I think two things happened: I changed the type of crust, and the added vegetable wasn’t “smooth” enough. He declared it “pretty gross,” and he ate only one slice. Darn.

Well, after that I got wiser. I sauteed some mushrooms and zucchini, then pureed it with some extra garlic. I then pureed the veggies and sause together. That created a much smoother sauce, and the veggie taste was barely there.

Success! Tonight he had 2 slices, and he told me that this was “the best pizza yet” and to “keep them coming!” All right then, I will :-D

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