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3D Desserts from Chase

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October 21st, 2014 Posted 10:45 am

The Daddy and I went to Disney World over the weekend without the kids to celebrate our 12th anniversary. We like to go to Epcot because the Food and Wine Festival is taking place, and it’s one of our favorite events. How lucky are we that our anniversary (and The Daddy’s birthday) fall within this window?!

As usual we had a great time, and it was made even better by getting free tickets to their 3D Desserts event! We never would have been able to go otherwise, and we have Chase to thank for it. For the first time we used the Chase Lounge at Epcot where we were able to cool off and get free water, and while we were there we were approached by a cast member who asked what our plans were for the evening. We admitted we didn’t have any, and she presented us with two tickets for the event which of course made me tear up and gush our thanks like a fool, LOL.

3D Desserts Epcot

It was amazing! I never knew there was a venue that large at Epcot (seriously, it was about 2 football field’s long), and it was full of food and drinks. There was a live band that was pretty good and played all sorts of popular music, and we got to meet and talk with all kinds of people. I don’t drink hard alcohol so I stuck with water, but I recognized some pretty high-class labels out there, and the food was amazing! It didn’t have just desserts either (which is great since I’m not a big sweets type of gal), so I stuck with the prime rib slices and exotic cheeses. Yum!

I’m not usually someone who is comfortable at events like this, but when you’re at Disney World, how can you not feel happy even if you are outside of your comfort zone? While this isn’t an event I would have considered before, I’m so glad we got the chance to go.  I feel so honored that we were given the chance to experience something we never would have been able to otherwise, so I would like to give a huge Thank You to Walt Disney World and Chase for our magical night!


Artwork Display

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October 8th, 2014 Posted 11:43 am

Now that The Younger has started kindergarten, I am overwhelmed with papers. I figured out that each person in the house needs a bin that they are responsible for checking if they’re missing paperwork or to see if they have mail (this is mostly for the 6’6″ child in my house), but I was struggling with what to do with The Younger’s artwork. Our refrigerator isn’t magnetic, and our pantry door has no more room to tape her latest creations, so I was stuck.

Until the Dollar Store that is! They had clothespins when I went this time, and right there next to it was a bin full of decorative masking tape!

All it took was some cutting, and the younger covered the top (displayed) side of the clothespin. Now I just string a ribbon wherever I want her art displayed, and we have the means to pin them up without a lot of fuss :-)

Repurpose Changing Table

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September 24th, 2014 Posted 9:26 am

The Younger needed a desk, and we missed all the “Back to School” sales. She didn’t need anything major, but I did want there to be enough room for her computer and mouse, plus some extra room for papers and such. I figured we’d go to yard sales or whatnot, but sometimes getting something like that is more trouble than its worth in the end (think lifting, loading, unloading, carrying up the stairs).

I began thinking about what we had around the house, and I realized her changing table might work. I searched Pinterest (of course!), but there wasn’t anything that was designed like the one she had, so I had to come up with an plan on my own.

I think it came out well. All I had to do was removed the brackets that held the drawers, take the back off, and then remove the front lip at the bottom that secured it (which we then switched around to the back and drilled in place for more stability). We had to use a jigsaw for the bottom to cut it out (we wanted to keep the cabinet on the side for her computer tower), so that was the only ‘real’ hardware need.

Back To School Adventures

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August 19th, 2014 Posted 8:52 am

Dropping the kids off for their first day of school wasn’t hard for me. There was the usual madness, and ours was compounded by the fact we weren’t able to go to Open House. Both children were nervous, The Older because any sort of change is cause for anxiety, and The Younger because she started kindergarten (new school, new rules, new kids, new everything). Parking was a madhouse, walking was a challenge, and getting what I had to have filled out the first day for both classrooms made me sweat and do a whole bunch of cursing (inside my head, of course).

We delivered both kids successfully, and The Daddy and I even managed to navigate our way out of the parking lot and away from the school safely. He left for work, and I made my usual shake for breakfast… and now I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. The silence is so loud in my house that it’s almost crushing me, and I don’t know what to do with myself.

The Younger was in Pre-K last year, so it isn’t like I’m not used to a few hours on my own. I used to run errands during that time, or go to the gym, or write, or whatever. I still plan on doing that, but this is so different, because the things we used to do together after I picked her up are now the things she’ll be doing with her new teachers. All her funny, crazy statements will be heard and appreciated by other people, and her laughter will be heard by people other than me. She’ll have all these new experiences I won’t be part of, and I WASN’T DONE SHARING HER FIRSTS WITH HER YET!


Glitter Jars

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July 28th, 2014 Posted 10:15 am

This craft was so easy! The Younger had a great time, and I absolutely love the way they came out :-)

We gathered glass jars that I had been saving for a while, Elmer’s Glue, glitter, and some paint brushes. I mixed some of the glue with water, and off we went!

We ’painted’ the glue to the inside of the jar. I went right up to the top, but The Younger wanted to do a more staggered pattern.

Once that was done, we poured in some glitter. I love white glitter myself, but you can use any color really. (I’m thinking orange for pumpkins when autumn rolls around!).

Once we had enough glitter covering the bottom of the jar, I had her ‘roll’ the jar so it coated the sides.

Here’s how they came out.

I was anxious to try them out, so after they dried I lit a tea candle and threw it into mine. I want to use flameless when the time comes to light them for a longer period of time, but I didn’t have any on hand to try it out. Here it is with an actual flame.