Back To School Adventures

Dropping the kids off for their first day of school wasn’t hard for me. There was the usual madness, and ours was compounded by the fact we weren’t able to go to Open House. Both children were nervous, The Older because any sort of change is cause for anxiety, and The Younger because she started kindergarten (new school, new rules, new kids, new everything). Parking was a madhouse, walking was a challenge, and getting what I had to have filled out the first day for both classrooms made me sweat and do a whole bunch of cursing (inside my head, of course).

We delivered both kids successfully, and The Daddy and I even managed to navigate our way out of the parking lot and away from the school safely. He left for work, and I made my usual shake for breakfast… and now I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. The silence is so loud in my house that it’s almost crushing me, and I don’t know what to do with myself.

The Younger was in Pre-K last year, so it isn’t like I’m not used to a few hours on my own. I used to run errands during that time, or go to the gym, or write, or whatever. I still plan on doing that, but this is so different, because the things we used to do together after I picked her up are now the things she’ll be doing with her new teachers. All her funny, crazy statements will be heard and appreciated by other people, and her laughter will be heard by people other than me. She’ll have all these new experiences I won’t be part of, and I WASN’T DONE SHARING HER FIRSTS WITH HER YET!


Glitter Jars

This craft was so easy! The Younger had a great time, and I absolutely love the way they came out :-)

We gathered glass jars that I had been saving for a while, Elmer’s Glue, glitter, and some paint brushes. I mixed some of the glue with water, and off we went!

We ’painted’ the glue to the inside of the jar. I went right up to the top, but The Younger wanted to do a more staggered pattern.

Once that was done, we poured in some glitter. I love white glitter myself, but you can use any color really. (I’m thinking orange for pumpkins when autumn rolls around!).

Once we had enough glitter covering the bottom of the jar, I had her ‘roll’ the jar so it coated the sides.

Here’s how they came out.

I was anxious to try them out, so after they dried I lit a tea candle and threw it into mine. I want to use flameless when the time comes to light them for a longer period of time, but I didn’t have any on hand to try it out. Here it is with an actual flame.


Organizing Stuffed Animals

The Younger loves stuffed animals. She refuses to part with any of them, and that leads to messes like this:

The rooms in our house are pretty small, so any sort of clutter immediately looks like a disaster area. We pick up our rooms almost daily, so it gets frustrating when no matter what you do, you can’t make a room orderly! The Younger gets especially frustrated, so I looked around for ideas online to help her keep her room neat without making her get rid of her animals.

I came across an idea somewhere out there (I’m guessing Pinterest, but I’m not entirely sure that was it), and I finally got around to getting what I needed to complete the project. Granted it was only one thing, but you know how it is…

Yup, all I needed was a bean bag chair cover. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, and they had a few options to choose from, all of which were on sale. The Younger picked this pattern out, and we decided today would be the day. Well, after about an hour of sorting out “who” was going to be put in the bag, it took all of 30 seconds to stuff it.

We ended up with this:

A major  improvement! Not only does it clear up space in her room, but now The Younger has a special chair all her own :-)


Earth Day 2014

I’m always looking for ways to teach my children about the earth. Be it talking to them about replacing what we use or discussing the importance of recycling, every chance I get, I try to stress the importance of being kind to our planet. I especially enjoy doing kid-friendly activities that focus on Earth Day topics!

Today The Younger and I decided to plant. Planting here in Florida is a bit challenging because the soil is so sandy and it’s hard to keep critters away since they’re out and about all the time rather than hightailing it out of town in the winter months (which is the best time for planting in my opinion). We’ve solved that problem by planting seeds and growing them on our screened-in pool patio and then putting them in the raised gardening bed. Anyway, we decided to use egg cartons, a recycled container from sliced fruit, and the plastic container from those wet mop pads.

She was excited to wash these, and that just added to the fun. She did a good job too, and I’m pretty sure the 30 minutes she spent scrubbing got every single crevice clean ;-)

When she was done (it took some urging), we went outside to fill our containers with dirt, put our seed in, and then lightly watered them. I used a straw-full of water because I didn’t have a mister, and that worked well. I would also like to mention that you should probably poke holes in the bottoms of the containersbeforeyou fill them with dirt, not afterward like I did.

We talked about which ’planter’ we thought would grow the best seedlings and why, and then we decided to cover one of the planters and not the others to see which way would be more successful.

Now, we wait. She’s really excited to grow these, and she wants to be “in charge” of the whole project. Hopefully they’ll sprout and we can move them over to the full-sized garden in a few weeks!




Spring Bird Using Child’s Footprint

I thought this was adorable. The Younger made this in class, so I wanted to share it. It looks easy enough, and I think it would make a great Easter project/gift for Grandparents or other family members. Maybe even a good gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!