Glue Ornament

Posted December 11th, 2014 by Jenn

This craft was a bit trickier, but it was fun!

I have a few metal cookie cutters, so The Younger picked out which one she wanted to use before we started. She chose a snowflake, so I put it on wax paper, opened the bottle of glue, and let her go!

She filled it about 1/4 of the way up, and then I used the handle of a plastic paintbrush to make sure the glue filled the ends of the cookie cutter. We added glitter (blue because, you know, that Frozen thing), and then she stirred it carefully to mix it in.

Now we just have to wait for it to dry. I wonder how long she’s going to stand there?…

I’ll post the final outcome once it’s ready to be hung :-)

Easy Christmas Craft- Snow-filled Pinecones

Posted December 9th, 2014 by Jenn

I found a few fun crafts to do with The Younger while she’s out of school the next few days, so I figured I’d post a them throughout the week.

This is a great one I found at Preschool Daze called P is for (Snowy) Pinecones. I happened to have all the materials on hand (including the pinecones that have been sitting outside in a bag for many, many months), so it was a no-brainer to do this one first.

This activity was fun for The Younger, and it also got her imagination running with what else she could do with the pinecones (like making a bed for one of them, making a family, etc.). It was also interesting to watch her work and see how far she’s come with regard to small motor skills!

We didn’t even need the glue for the original plan. All we did was pull apart the cotton balls (easier to work with) and use a tooth pick to push the pieces into the pinecone far enough so it wouldn’t fall out.

Here’s the finished product:

And here is the “Pinecone Family.” We added the glue to some of them by painting some school glue on the edges of the pinecone and shaking glitter on them. That was a nice touch ;-)

Cute, Inexpensive Holiday Gift

Posted December 7th, 2014 by Jenn

‘Tis the time of year for stressing over finding cute but inexpensive gifts for people. Specifically, for me, it’s the kids’ teachers and the staff at their wonderful school, because if I include every person who makes a difference in their lives, I’m pushing 20 people. I wish I could afford $50 gift cards for each of them, but reality means I have to rely on creativity over $$$. So, I poked around the dollar store last month, and I found a few things that I thought I could put together to make something fun.

I bought some white liquid hand soap and some ribbon, and when I got home I gathered the google eyes and construction paper I had…

This was so easy to do, and I think all together it cost me maybe $2 to make.

This was the soap I used:

I left the front label intact, and I peeled the back on off so there would be the blank space for putting his face on:

The good thing about this was the label left some residual stickiness, and the nose and mouth stuck to the bottle without using anything extra. I debated using black cutouts for eyes too (I did his mouth with black construction paper and a hole punch), but I thought the google eyes gave him a more silly look (good for teachers), so for those I used hot glue just to be sure they stayed on.

Well, there it is. Easy, inexpensive, fun to make, and something the teachers can use in the classroom or at home. Also, a few people have pointed out that with a few teeth, he could end up looking very much like a certain Disney snowman we all know… That could be fun too!



3D Desserts from Chase

Posted October 21st, 2014 by Jenn

The Daddy and I went to Disney World over the weekend without the kids to celebrate our 12th anniversary. We like to go to Epcot because the Food and Wine Festival is taking place, and it’s one of our favorite events. How lucky are we that our anniversary (and The Daddy’s birthday) fall within this window?!

As usual we had a great time, and it was made even better by getting free tickets to their 3D Desserts event! We never would have been able to go otherwise, and we have Chase to thank for it. For the first time we used the Chase Lounge at Epcot where we were able to cool off and get free water, and while we were there we were approached by a cast member who asked what our plans were for the evening. We admitted we didn’t have any, and she presented us with two tickets for the event which of course made me tear up and gush our thanks like a fool, LOL.

3D Desserts Epcot

It was amazing! I never knew there was a venue that large at Epcot (seriously, it was about 2 football field’s long), and it was full of food and drinks. There was a live band that was pretty good and played all sorts of popular music, and we got to meet and talk with all kinds of people. I don’t drink hard alcohol so I stuck with water, but I recognized some pretty high-class labels out there, and the food was amazing! It didn’t have just desserts either (which is great since I’m not a big sweets type of gal), so I stuck with the prime rib slices and exotic cheeses. Yum!

I’m not usually someone who is comfortable at events like this, but when you’re at Disney World, how can you not feel happy even if you are outside of your comfort zone? While this isn’t an event I would have considered before, I’m so glad we got the chance to go.  I feel so honored that we were given the chance to experience something we never would have been able to otherwise, so I would like to give a huge Thank You to Walt Disney World and Chase for our magical night!


Artwork Display

Posted October 8th, 2014 by Jenn

Now that The Younger has started kindergarten, I am overwhelmed with papers. I figured out that each person in the house needs a bin that they are responsible for checking if they’re missing paperwork or to see if they have mail (this is mostly for the 6’6″ child in my house), but I was struggling with what to do with The Younger’s artwork. Our refrigerator isn’t magnetic, and our pantry door has no more room to tape her latest creations, so I was stuck.

Until the Dollar Store that is! They had clothespins when I went this time, and right there next to it was a bin full of decorative masking tape!

All it took was some cutting, and the younger covered the top (displayed) side of the clothespin. Now I just string a ribbon wherever I want her art displayed, and we have the means to pin them up without a lot of fuss :-)